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Social & Community Investment

Improving the Quality of Life in Communities and Instilling Civic Mindedness in Employees

Healthy Rice Growing Project by INTOUCH

The Company promoted a Healthy Rice Growing Project in 2012. The project’s objectives were supporting the cultivation non-chemical nutritious rice, improving Thai farmers’ quality of life, increasing their self-dependence and sustaining economic growth. The pilot area was Ban Dakkanon Community, Mueang District, Chainat Province. The total are 4 area.

• Ban Dakkanon Community, Thammamool Sub-district, Mueang District, Chainat Province. The community joined the Healthy Rice Growing Project by INTOUCH in 2012. The area is a pilot project. The Company emphasized on “Community Enterprise” type of management, which led Ban Dakkanon’ s farmers to life development and good economy. Specific knowledge is shared with society such as ranging from non-chemical rice growing know-how, marketing management and accounting skills, savings plans. At present, the community’s management is upgraded to be “Community Enterprise” and is registered to be “Ban Dakkanon Healthy Rice Growing Community Enterprise Group”. It holds 15 farming families, and the Rice Breed Learning Center of Ban Dakkanon cover 120 Rai.

• Koktaban Temporary Correctional Center, Nokmuang Sub-District, Mueang District, Surin Province. The project began in 2013. The objective is to create a hub by expanding the facility to train prisoners from other parts of the country and aims that participating prisoners will have knowledge to start their legitimate works after being released. Currently, there are 70 low-risk prisoners, who will soon be released, joining the project of 150 Rai. The “Rice Berry of Surin Central Correctional Center” brand and the prisoners have been released and started legitimate work.

• Ban Fangpattana Community, Ban Fang Sub-district, Kranuan District, Khon Kaen Province. The community joined the project in 2014. The project’s objectives were develop strong farming community which is compatible with its own needs. The development guidelines were inspired by His Majesty the King’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and aimed to generate special revenues by appropriate rice field management. In 2015, the Company plans to top-up the knowledge of the marketing plan by equipping them with accounting system knowledge, packaging design, encouraging “GAP Standard” rice growing process such as increasing nutrient in soil and sorting seeds, as well as taking members to observe farmers’ supplementary occupations after planting. The project brings about community’s rice berry, namely “Kao Kan Fang” (Kan Fang rice), the product of Ban Fangpattana Community. Other products processed from rice berry for example tea and soap generate special revenues to the community.

• Ban PaMai Community, Thangew Sub-district, Mueang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The new area joining the project in 2015, has set a 3 years target to be a prototype farmers’ learning center. This is for improving quality of life and economy and generating occupations which lead to sustainability. The project encourages farmers to cultivate non-chemical rice by merging with local wisdom, so as to produce local rice, namely Kao Sung Yhod (Sung Yhod rice), southern local rice and rice berry which is safe and qualified. Additionally, to upgrade farmers’ quality of life, the project applies the principle of non-chemical rice growing and participative operation guidelines such as providing seminars to create understanding and working together methods to ensure cooperation and combination of local wisdom and INTOUCH’s non-chemical rice growing know-how. There are 19 farming families joining the project, with 115 Rai, comprising 96 Rai of Sung Yhod rice, 19 Rai of rice berry.

Employees with a Volunteer Spirit for Community Development Project

The Company encourages the employees to have public mind and participate in development of their own hometowns or other communities. The project implant public mind and take employees’ potential to develop and provide communities maximum benefits. We support and operate the project according to communities’ needs and employees’ participation in order to make it sustainable and measure the success concretely.


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