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SD Framework

SD Performance

Sustainable Development Policy

Social & Community Investment

Charitable Donations

Besides the projects related to life quality development and education, INTOUCH also made other charitable donations such as the ones below.

  • Helped to support flood relief and restoration of the victims’ water-damaged property.
  • Financial and non-financial assistance to the Princess Mother's Medical Volunteer Foundation (PMMV) for necessities such as electric generators plus fuel, portable water filters, and leech protection socks.
  • Helped to support a Children’s Day event organized by the Amir Ol Mu Minin Foundation and support gifts for seven agencies.
  • Helped to support the project “Wheelchairs for Thais with disabilities” implemented by the Thai with Disability Foundation.
  • Paid for the publication of a book written by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) to commemorate the Supreme Patriarch Prince Uthumphon, which was distributed to one thousand libraries across the country.
  • Helped to support the treatment of AIDS patients at Wat Phrabat Namphu hospice in Lopburi province.

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