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SD Framework

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Sustainable Development Policy

Social & Community Investment

Improving the Quality of Life in Communities and Instilling Civic Mindedness in Employees

Life Quality Development for Forest Guardians Project at Huay Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uthai Thani.

INTOUCH realizes the importance of the develop of quality of life. Therefore, the Company has chosen to support Huay Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, which it considers very important in protecting the rich biodiversity of rainforests, and was Thailand’s first Natural World Heritage Site. INTOUCH has therefore initiated a program to improve the quality of life for the sanctuary officials and boost their morale.

• Family
INTOUCH has provided funding to support the education of the forestry officials’ children up to graduate level INTOUCH organized workshops on “Sufficiency Economy Application for the forestry officials to adopt new ideas they could apply to their domestic and working lives

• Work
Donated essential equipment, such as solar panels, a portable water purifier and water tanks, along with backpacks, hammocks and mosquito nets.Provided a fund to support the medical costs of forestry officials who are attacked while on duty.Purchased of organic jasmine rice from INTOUCH’s Healthy Rice Growing Project, and donated it to the forestry officials.

• Community
INTOUCH has allocated a budget to educate the communities about fire hazards in the fire prevention zone around the Huay Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. This will promote a closer relationship with the sanctuary officials.

Healthy Rice Growing Project by INTOUCH

The Healthy Rice Growing Project by INTOUCH was initiated in 2012. The objectives of this project are to support the cultivation of nutritious non-chemical rice, improve the quality of life for Thai farmers and develop their self-reliance, and sustain economic growth.

• Ban Fang Pattana Community, Ban Fang Sub-district, Kra Nuan District, Khon Kaen province.The community joined the project in 2014. The project’s objectives were develop strong farming community which is compatible with its own needs. The development guidelines were inspired by His Majesty the King’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and aimed to generate special revenues by appropriate rice field management. In 2016,the community was certified as “Kaen Fang Healthy Rice Group”, settled up network ,created Riceberry Tong Muan and applied for GAP Standard. To date, the project was covers an area125 raiand involes 32 families.

• Ban Pa Mai Community, Tha Ngew Sub-district, Mueang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat province. INTOUCH cooperated with the provincial government to promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), provided related information, and focused on developing a marketing process to increase the value of the farmers’ products. The “Smiling Farmers” brand was created for the network products, which range from Khao Sung Yhod (Sung Yhod rice), rice berry and rice berry crackers. The Company has successfully strengthened the farmers’ network, nurtured their leaders, and combined modern methods with local wisdom to cultivate non-chemical nutritious rice. Ban Pa Mai Community has been registered as a community enterprise under the name “Ban Pa Mai Farmers Enterprise”. To date, the project covers an area of 115 rai, comprising 96 rai of Khao Sung Yhod and 19 rai of rice berry, and involves 19 families.

• Community around Thip Sukhontharam Temple, Don Salaeb Sub-district, Huai Krachao District, Kanchanaburi province.INTOUCH has extended its knowledge to help people in other areas suffering from drought, such as those with rain shadows and sandy soil. Participating communities have a shared goal to become the ideal model of strong economic health with a good quality of life through organic rice farming. INTOUCH has achieved its goal of developing 105 species of jasmine rice in the area around Thip Sukhontharam Temple to make it a key local product. Beginning with various activities, INTOUCH helped the community recruit and build a strong networkof farmers’ leaders who would drive the project development and promote local learning. These activities included a forum to discuss related issues and draw up a plan for participatory development, supporting the farmers’ leaders, upgrading rice growing practices to meet GAP standards, and improving product branding and packaging. The end result was the “Khao Hom Krajao Jasmine Rice” brand, certified by Central Lab Thai, which has been very well received by visitors.

Employees with a Volunteer Spirit for Community Development Project

INTOUCH has also encouraged its employees to form specific groups for social contribution activities. These are based on the needs of a particular community to ensure maximum benefit for the public, as well as foster a culture of helping and sharing that will lead to sustainable development. The Company has provided financial support and allowed its employees to participate in these activities on working days without considering this to be paid leave.

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