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SD Framework

SD Performance

Sustainable Development Policy

Social & Community Investment

Healthy Rice Growing Project by INTOUCH

Farmers are the main pillar of the country, and rice is their major source of income. Therefore, increasing the yield and adding value through the application of technology are vital to sustaining this income and balancing the books. Over the last seven years the Healthy Rice Growing Project has helped farmers improve the quality of their lives by providing information on acceptable product quality, building networks, sharing knowledge, and establishing community enterprise and learning centers to encourage sustainable agricultural growth. These comprise the Community Enterprises of Healthy Rice Growing at Ban Dak Kanon in Chainart, Kan Fang in Khon Kaen and Hom Krajao in Kanchanaburi, along with the Community Enterprise of Farming at Ban Pa Mai in Nakorn Sri Thammarat, the Community Enterprise Network at Tha Ngam Saen Suk in Phitsanulok, and the Learning Center at Kok Ta Ban Temporary Correctional Center in Surin. All these projects continue to improve the quality of life for those farming communities today.

Quality of Life Improvement in Local Communities and Promotion of Volunteer Spirit

Improving the Quality of Life for Forest Guardians Project at Huay Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in Uthai Thani province

Over the last three years INTOUCH has contributed to improving the quality of life for forest rangers in order to boost their morale when they are on duty. INTOUCH has supported three aspects of their lives, namely work, family and community collaboration, by providing the necessary equipment, granting scholarships to some of their children up to undergraduate level, and organizing self-improvement workshops. The latter provide information to the rangers and their families on how to live a balanced life, and include topics such as managing household finances and maintaining good relationships with the surrounding communities.

Employees with a Volunteer Spirit for Community Development Project

INTOUCH encourages its employees to propose and participate in activities beneficial to society and local communities. The Company provides budgets for these and allows employees to complete their projects on working time.


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