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SD Framework

SD Performance

Sustainable Development Policy

Social & Community Investment

Positive Youth Development

Thai Literature Conservation Contest with INTOUCH

Reading is an essential skill in daily life and helps to develop the mind by learning new things, widening perspective, and improving both cognitive and emotional intelligence. It also develops the imagination and encourages creativity. The Thai Literature Conservation Contest with INTOUCH inspires children and young people to read more literature and use their imagination to portray stories through visual art using various techniques. The award winning entries are exhibited for sale and the proceeds, without any deduction for expenses, are donated to the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Foundation to provide scholarships for underprivileged students.

INTOUCH Group’s Educational Opportunity Creation Project

Education is crucial and lays the foundation for the country’s development. We have found that many schools in remote areas do not have enough basic facilities and educational materials necessary for a decent education. INTOUCH has granted scholarships to diligent but disadvantaged students, and donated equipment to schools in every region of the country in cooperation with the respective Primary Educational Service Area Office. In addition, INTOUCH has funded projects beneficial to schools and granted cash rewards to dedicated teachers.

Quality of Life Improvement for Students at Underprivileged Schools

In view of the government’s important policy to revolutionize education for students in remote areas and improve their quality of life, INTOUCH supports the development of fundamental infrastructure and provides the necessary educational equipment to create a happy learning environment.


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