• On 5 September, AIS sent a non-binding and conditional letter of intent to THAICOM and Singtel, the major shareholders of CSL, stating its interest in acquiring a 56.21% stake in the latter at 7.80 baht per share. Later on 14 December, AWN, a subsidiary of AIS, submitted the Application Form for Conditional Voluntary Tender Offer to the shareholders of CSL at the aforementioned price.

  • High Shopping has transformed itself in the digital era to collaborate with Lazada and Shopee, the most popular e-commerce websites in Thailand, in order to increase sales channels and reach more consumers.

  • INTOUCH invested in three more start-up companies, namely Digio (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Event Pop Holdings Pte. Ltd. and Ecommerce Enablers Pte. Ltd. (Shopback). There are currently eleven companies under venture capital management through the InVent project.

  • AIS launched AIS NEXT G, a new network to serve high-data users by merging AIS 4G ADVANCED and AIS SUPER WIFI. This network offers a maximum transfer rate of one gigabit per second.

  • THAICOM signed a memorandum of understanding with Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Starcor Media Technologies Limited to develop the next generation Over-the-Top (OTT) platform in Thailand. This collaboration will create value-added services for the business, education, government and telecom sectors in Thailand.

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  • On 6 January 2016, High Shopping started its home shopping business through broadcasting on a satellite television platform. After that, in August 2016, High Shopping started offering its products through its website www.highshopping.com and application HIGH SHOPPING in addition to its existing satellite television platform.

  • The Company, through InVent, invested in two more companies, namely Wongnai Media Co., Ltd. and Social Nation, Inc. Meanwhile, INTOUCH monetized Computerlogy Co., Ltd. and ShopSpot Mobility Pte. Ltd. in 2016.

  • On 30 June 2016, Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd. (AWN) was granted a 900MHz license for the 895-905MHz frequency band paired with 940-950MHz from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). At the end of 2016, AWN had already rolled out its network covering 98% of the population, with 4G network installation at 42,100 locations nationwide.

  • AIS has expanded “AIS Fibre”, a high-speed broadband home internet service with the latest FTTx technology. This service was launched one and a half years ago, and the broadband network now covers 5.2 million home passes in 28 provinces with 301,500 subscribers.

  • Thaicom 8 was successfully launched on 28 May 2016, and reached the 78.5 degrees East orbital slot. THAICOM currently provides services through five satellites.

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  • Intouch Media Co., Ltd. (Intouch Media) and South Korea-based Hyundai Home Shopping Network Corporation (Hyundai Home Shopping) established a joint venture company, namely High Shopping Co., Ltd. (High Shopping), a home-shopping business in Thailand with authorized capital of 500 million baht. Intouch Media invested 255 million baht for a shareholding of 51% while Hyundai Home Shopping invested the remaining amount for a shareholding of 49%.

  • Intouch Media and Kantana Group Plc. (Kantana Group) created a new experience for Thai TV viewers, producing a new TV series called Gossip Girl Thailand. It was the first launch of a full-scale second screen viewing platform in Thailand.

  • The Company, through InVent, invested in four more companies, namely Sinoze Co., Ltd., Playbasis Pte. Ltd., Golfdigg Co., Ltd. and ShopSpot Mobility Pte. Ltd.

  • AIS launched the “AIS Fibre” broadband home internet service with a speed of 1 Gbps as the first and only full-scale PURE Fibre service provider. A package that includes entertainment from the AIS PLAYBOX was also introduced.

  • On 25 November 2015, AWN was granted an 1800MHz license for the 1725-1740MHz frequency band paired with 1820-1835MHz from the NBTC. As of January 2016, AWN had installed 4G network access at 6,000 locations nationwide.

  • Shenington Investment Pte. Ltd. (SHEN), a subsidiary of THAICOM, and the government of Lao PDR officially agreed to extend the Joint Venture Agreement and the Master Agreement for the Development of Telecommunications Services in Lao PDR. As a result, Lao Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (LTC), a joint venture holding via SHEN, obtained the right to operate communication services in Lao PDR for a further period of 25 years until 2046.

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  • The Company’s name and seal were changed to “Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited” on 31 March 2014.

  • Transcosmos Inc. in Japan purchased newly-issued shares in Ookbee Co., Ltd. (Ookbee), equivalent to 11.11% of the paid-up capital, in the amount of 5 million USD (approximately 161.6 million baht), which resulted in INTOUCH’s investment portion decreasing to 22.26%.

  • The Company changed its dividend policy from “not less than 40% of the Company’s net profits” to “pass through dividends received from its associates and subsidiaries after the deduction of operating expenses”.

  • Intouch Media invested in a joint venture with Kantana Group with an initial investment of 40 million baht (50% each) in order to produce digital television content and leverage the potential of its existing businesses.

  • INTOUCH made a new investment in Infinity Levels Studio Pte. Ltd. under the InVent project.

  • AIS announced the successful expansion of its 3G on 2100MHz network, which reached nationwide coverage in one year. This was wider than the existing 2G network and sooner than the target of 80% coverage within four years required by the NBTC.

  • Thaicom 6 was successfully launched on 6 January 2014, and reached the 78.5 degrees East orbital slot.

  • Thaicom 7 was successfully launched on 7 September 2014, and reached the 120 degrees East orbital slot.

  • Location


  • The Company made new investments in InVent project which are Meditech Solution Co., Ltd. who is a manufacturer and vendor of eye blink communication aids for paralytics and other disabled people, by taking 30% stake with total investment of 4.99 million baht, and Computerlogy Co., Ltd. who is a software development company specialized in social media management tool, by taking 25% stake with total investment of 29.01 million baht.

  • AWN officially launched the 3G mobile telephone services on 2.1GHz band.

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  • The Company launched a corporate venture capital project under the name “InVent”, which is a new paradigm shift for Thai industry to have corporate venture capital injecting funds into Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who have great potential and performance in telecommunications, media, IT, and digital content. This will support Thai SMEs to gain competitiveness for the coming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 and also expanding the Company’s investment portfolio.

  • The Company invested in the first InVent investment, Ookbee Co., Ltd., who is a market leader in providing e-publication platform, by taking 25.03% stake with total investment of 57.48 million baht.

  • Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of AIS, was officially awarded the 2.1GHz license from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

  • The NBTC awarded the 20-year period for license Type III of Telecom services to THAICOM for Thaicom 7 operations. This is the first satellite under a license system.

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  • The Company changed corporate name and logo of more than 20 years from “SHIN” to “INTOUCH” which reflect a more friendly and optimistic image.

  • THAICOM was granted an approval from The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to build Thaicom 6 satellite.

  • THAICOM and Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to place an interim satellite at the 120 degrees East orbital slot, while a new satellite will be launched in 2014. This cooperation will preserve the 120 degrees East orbital slot for Thailand and will provide additional broadcast, telecommunications and broadband services across the Asia-Pacific region.

  • The Company sold part of its investment in AIS, comprising 61 million shares or 2.05% of AIS’s paid-up capital, to Singtel Strategic Investments Pte. Ltd., who has been one of AIS existing shareholders, at 130 baht per share, amounting to 7,930 million baht. After the transaction, the Company is still the major shareholder of AIS with 40.45% shareholding. Therefore it will not affect the Company’s control in AIS or the business operations of AIS.

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  • THAICOM 1A and THAICOM 2 satellite were deorbited after they have reached their end of life.

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  • The Company sold all PS shares.

  • AIS bought shares of Advanced Mpay Co., Ltd. (AMP) held by NTT DoCoMo Co., Ltd., resulting to AIS’s stake in AMP increased to 99.99%.

  • AIS sold Advanced Data Network Communications Co., Ltd. shares, representing 51% stakes to DPC, a subsidiary with 98.55% owned by AIS, in order to restructure the group organization to create a synergy of voice and data communication via mobile and internet network.

  • CSL decreased its capital by reducing par value from Baht 1.00 to Baht 0.25.

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  • On 6 March 2007, the cabinet resolved to cease ITV’s broadcasting. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) sent the notice dated 7 March 2007, to revoke the operating agreement of ITV on the ground that ITV did not pay the shortfall fees including interest and fine. The PMO also ordered ITV to transfer back the assets under BTO concept of the operating agreement. Hence, ITV had to cease the operation of the UHF system television station. However, ITV further proceeds in litigation and files the claim against the PMO according to the dispute settlement process asking for compensation in the form of money damages to be payable to ITV. During this time, the cases are under the dispute settlement process at the Arbitration Institute.

  • The Company bought Payment Solution Co., Ltd. (PS) from OK.

  • The Company sold its entire stake in OK to ACAP Advisory Plc and ORIX Corporation.

  • The Company sold its entire stake in AA (49%), to TAA’s top management.

  • THAICOM sold 49% stake in Shenington Investment Pte. Ltd. (SHEN) to Asia Mobile Holdings Pte. Ltd., diluting THAICOM’s holding in SHEN to 51%.

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  • Thaicom 5 satellite was successfully launched into orbit and Thaicom 3 satellite was taken out of its orbit, as it had experienced an extensive power loss that made it incapable of providing further service.

  • The Company’s holding in OK increased to 99.99% after the Company acquired OK shares held by DBS Bank.

  • The Company sold its entire stake in TAA to Asia Aviation Company Limited (AA), in which the Company holds 49%. This diluted the Company’s holding in TAA to 24.50%.

  • CSL acquired AD Venture Company Limited (ADV) from the Company and Mitsubishi group. ADV was a shareholder of Shineedotcom Company Limited, which operates mobile content business as well as portal web, hunsa.com.

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  • THAICOM increased capital by issuing 208 million new ordinary shares at Baht 15.30 each, placed with institutional and individual investors, bringing in Baht 3,182 million. This diluted the Company’s holding in THAICOM to 41.34%.

  • Thaicom 4 (IPSTAR) satellite, the first broadband satellite in Asia Pacific, was successfully launched into orbit. IPSTAR commenced with services for TOT, which is the national service operator for IPSTAR in Thailand.

  • ITV (holding 60%), CA Mobile Ltd. (25%) and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (15%) established Media Connex Company Limited to operate mobile content business. In 2006, the holding proportion was changed to ITV 60% and Mitsui 40%.

  • TMC became a wholly owned subsidiary of CSL after CSL purchased the remaining 36.75% in TMC from TOT.

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  • CS LoxInfo Public Company Limited (CSL) purchased a 38.25% stake in Teleinfo Media Company Limited (TMC) from the Company and 25% from Singtel Interactive Pte. Ltd., which made CSL to be the major shareholder in TMC with 63.25% stakes. This allowed CSL to enhance revenue by using the strengths lying in TMC’s information system.

  • CSL was listed on the SET through an IPO.

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  • The Company and AirAsia Sdn. Bhd. established Thai AirAsia Company Limited (TAA), holding 50% and 49%, respectively, to operate a budget airline. The Company also set up Capital OK Company Limited with DBS Bank, Singapore, with 60% and 40% stakes, respectively, to operate a consumer finance business. These two businesses started operations in 2004.

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  • ITV was listed on the SET, issuing new ordinary shares for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that included some shares held by the Company. As a result, the Company’s stakes in ITV diluted to 55.53%.

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  • The wireless business was restructured, with DPC moved to directly under AIS, whose stake rose to 98.17% after acquiring DPC from TMI Mauritius Limited.

  • The Company and AIS changed par value from Baht 10 per share to Baht 1 per share.

  • The Company became ITV’s major shareholder with 77.48% stake via purchasing shares from Siam Commercial Bank and a tender offer.

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  • The Company bought 45.59% stakes in Digital Phone Company Limited (DPC), an operator providing mobile telephone services on the 1800 MHz band, from Samart Corporation Public Company Limited. After a capital increase, the Company’s stakes in DPC increased to 47.55%.

  • The Company invested in ITV, taking 39% stakes via a capital increase.

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  • Singapore Telecom International Pte. Ltd. became a shareholder in AIS, diluting the Company’s stake to 42%.

  • Location


  • Thaicom 3 satellite was successfully launched into orbit.

  • Location


  • Shinawatra Satellite Public Company Limited was listed on the SET (its name was changed to Shin Satellite Public Company Limited in 1999, and then Thaicom Public Company Limited in 2008, THAICOM).

  • Thaicom 2 satellite was successfully launched into orbit.

  • Location


  • Thaicom 1 satellite was successfully launched into orbit.

  • Shinawatra Satellite Company Limited was changed to Public Company Limited.

  • Location


  • Shinawatra Satellite Company Limited was permitted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to operate Thailand’s first commercial satellite for 30 years, with 8 years of exclusivity.

  • Advanced Info Service Company Limited was listed on the SET and changed to a Public Company Limited in 1992.

  • Location


  • Shinawatra Computer Company Limited was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

  • Advanced Info Service Company Limited (AIS) was permitted by the Telephone Organization of Thailand (currently TOT Public Company Limited – TOT) to provide mobile telephone services on the 900 MHz band exclusively under the BTO (build-transfer-operate) concept. In 1996, the operating period was extended to 25 years, ending in 2015.

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  • Shinawatra Computer Service and Investment Company Limited was established to supply and lease mini and mainframe computers (the company’s name was changed to Shinawatra Computer Company Limited in 1984, and then Shin Corporation Public Company Limited in 1999, the Company).