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Business Overview

Telecommunication is a foundation and be more important for all consumers in the present day. Over the past 30 years, INTOUCH has been foreseeing in the growth opportunities of the telecommunication-related business and continuing expand those businesses in telecom, media, IT, and digital content. The new investments are under InVent Project and new business department.

  INTOUCH Financial Highlights    


Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS successfully provides mobile business for more than 20 years and continually sustains its mobile operator leader in Thailand with the number one revenue and subscriber market shares.

The change toward digital consumption, AIS prepares itself to be a digital life service provider, including variety of contents and new applications, which will certainly elevate the modern daily lifestyle and generate new source of income.



Thaicom Public Company Limited or THAICOM is the transponder leasing provider for both domestic and international market. In 2014, THAICOM expanded its territory to African market via Thaicom 6 at 78.5 degree East and reserved national slot on 120 degree East by launching Thaicom 7. The footprint of Thaicom 7 covers Indochina, South Asia, and Australia regions.

THAICOM believes in boundless connection, then, it offers mobility services to people on the move at sea, on land, and in the air with high speed internet.



CS Loxinfo Public Company Limited or CSL is the leading internet, computer and telecommunication service provider (ICT service provider) in Thailand. Not only its strengths of being the leading corporate internet services and datacenter provider, but also strong engineering teams working with local and international partners to provide ready-to-deploy services and flexible ICT solutions which meet customers’ needs, as well as smooth and reliable after sale-service.


Other Businesses

INTOUH has invested in a TV home shopping business, a non-store-based retailer in Thailand via TV channel, mobile, and online platforms. By setting up a joint venture named High Shopping Co., Ltd. between Intouch Media Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Home Shopping Network Corporation, a leading home shopping company in South Korea, a register capital for the company is 500 million baht. Intouch Media holds a 51% stake while Hyundai Home Shopping holds the other 49%.

As INTOUCH believes in the innovation and creativity that be inherent in young entrepreneur, InVent was set to support and promote high potential start-ups companies by facilitating capital, which is needed for business expansion to the rapid change of the World. The shareholding proportion in each project is targeted at 25-30% and the total investment per year is set at 200 million baht.

Furthermore, INTOUCH had put extensive effort to explore new business opportunities, which will be the new source of revenue stream.

INTOUCH : Connecting Thais

We are the leading and sustainable value creation asset management company in Telecom, Media and Technology.

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